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I’m grateful each time clients take the time to recount their positive experiences. Testimonials give prospective clients a sense of the service and professionalism I offer.

We have been working with Wendy for over a decade now. Wendy has helped us achieve several financial goals such as starting a consulting business, purchasing our beautiful motor home, and achieving early retirement. We’ve always been able to count on her over the years for wise financial counsel and value her sincerity. We have not hesitated to recommend Wendy to friends and family.

Lynnea D. & Isabelle G.

I first met Wendy around 2008 when I was in the process of planning my retirement. Wendy took my information and returned with two comprehensive plans, showing how I might consider approaching this milestone and into the future. That was the beginning of our working relationship, which continues today. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for Wendy. She is extremely well organized, always prepared, continually informed as to the current financial realities, and the attention to detail she shows my portfolio makes me feel as if I must be her only client! I have referred many friends to Wendy and they have been as impressed and happy as I am.

Randy H.

I met Wendy several years ago just prior to my husband becoming ill and passing away. She was my right hand for a while after his death. Wendy helped me pick up all the pieces and deal with the paperwork that ensued with his estate, and she helped put my financial life in order. I would not have survived without her dedication, kindness, and compassion. I continue to consult Wendy and recommend her to everyone I know. I trust Wendy with my money and my life, literally!

Kathy J.

As a small business owner of 30 years, I’ve learned how to earn income. But turning income into wealth and security is Wendy’s superpower!

Gil S.

Wendy has been my trusted financial planner for 25 years. She has skillfully and sagely guided me through the financial maelstrom that can accompany some of life’s most challenging turning points. Wendy is a warm, client-focused professional who demonstrates integrity in all her undertakings, and I am very grateful for the relationship I have with her.